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Project Description
BF3Rcon is a .NET library for using BF3's (Battlefield 3) RCON interface within your .NET application. This project is developed in C# and is designed to be Mono-compatible.

This library is being written to be as developer-friendly as possible. All of the code is written in the same style as the default .NET classes, and the library is being documented as thoroughly as possible. Most importantly, the library is designed to be as developer-friendly as possible, wrapping all RCON functions into classes and methods. The best way to make the library as convenient as possible is for you to to tell us what kinds of features you'd like in the library; head on over to the issue tracker to make feature requests.

Project Versions
File versions will be used for all changes to the library. The assembly version will only change when breaking changes are made to the library.
The major version indicates the RCON protocol version the library was released for. The minor version indicates changes to the major version of the library.

Source Code
The source code is divided into three folders: branches, tags, and trunk. The branches folder will contain development branches. The tags folder will contain releases.
Before the first release, the trunk folder will contain development code. After the first release, the trunk will should contain stable code, although not necessarily ready for a regular release.

Code Analysis
FxCop is used to ensure all of the code is valid and follows good design practices. This ensures that the library will behave and look just as you would expect from Microsoft's own code. Compared to PRoCon's over 500 errors and critical errors (not warnings), BF3Rcon.NET only has 3. Including warnings and critical warnings, PRoCon has over 900, and BF3Rcon.NET only has ~21 (all of which are confirmed as necessary). These figures don't include any of PRoCon's plugins.

Mono Compatibility

A BF3Rcon test console running on an Amazon EC2 micro instance (running Linux) using Mono.

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