Getting Server Info in Visual Studio

Dec 15, 2012 at 9:28 PM


I have have been looking at how to connect to a BF3 server using Visual Studio for a while now and I have only just found your DLL.

I have been able to make a little program that allows the user to select what type of Gunmaster Gun rotation that they desire I would like to try and do a few more things.

Looking the documentation it has a help file but thinking seems to load for me. I want to know how to get the information once I have sent a command to the server. After trying many different ways I have been unable to do so.


May 11, 2013 at 3:10 PM
Dear god sorry for the late reply D: It seems an update to the RSS feed didn't pop up in Outlook :<

Don't know if you're still looking for a response, but...

I stopped updating the library due to apparent lack of interest (after all, no one has asked for an update D:). Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of any newer docs (I assume GSPs give it out these days), so I can't provide any specific help. All I can advise is that you use the RconClient.SendRequest method to issue commands that will accomplish what you want.

Sorry again for the late response (though I'm sure you have figured it out by now or moved on to a more up-to-date solution :D), and sorry for the lack of help I can give.