BF3Rcon.NET 12.1

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Released: Jan 16, 2012
Updated: Jan 16, 2012 by Timiz0r
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Release Notes

This version fixes various bugs, especially concerning connecting and disconnecting, making the library more stable. A couple more properties have been added to Server, and a method to send PunkBuster commands has been added. Finally, LightRconClient was created synchronously communicate with a server without using other threads, which is preferred for ASP.NET applications; exceptions in other threads cause IIS to crash, by design.


  • Added Server.Version property.
  • Added Server.ActivatePB method.
  • Added RconClient.SendPBCommand method.
  • Removed the default constructor and Packet(Header) from Packet because there are no methods to add words.
  • Player subsets are no longer internal.
  • LogOn has been updated to use SendRequest instead of SendAsynchronousRequest.
  • Disconnect no longer sends quit to the server, which caused disconnects to take 10 seconds (by default).
  • Disposing now uses Disconnect, rather than just disposing the ping timer and TcpClient.
  • The field that tracks the time the last packet is received is now updated on connect.
  • It is no longer possible to perform a receive when disconnected
  • The post-connect routine no longer performs when a connection fails.
  • Player methods now use synchronous requests. Also, they now correctly use InternalSendRequest.
  • Created RconClientBase abstract class
  • Added the LightRconClient class, which only operates on a single thread, using only synchronous socket requests.
  • Fixed synchronous LogOn in RconClientBase, where IsLoggedOn would incorrectly remain false.
  • RconClient will stop receiving once the number of bytes read is zero.
  • LightRconClient no longer raises the Disconnected event when a connection fails.
  • Fixed another exception that would occur when a connection fails to establish. This time, RconClient was trying to dispose the ping timer when it wasn't created yet.
  • A NullReferenceException should no longer be thrown when a disconnect occurs when working with a Receive.
  • The leftover data list is now cleared right before the first receive to account for a possible condition where old data would remain in the list after disconnecting.
  • Updated the documentation of RconClientBase.LogOn(string) to not say it's asynchronous (it's synchronous).
  • IsLoggedOn is now set to false when disconnecting.
  • The RoundOver event now provides the winning team, teams' scores, and players.
  • Fixed how pbsvplist is parsed.

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