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BF3Rcon.NET 25.0

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Released: Jun 28, 2012
Updated: Jun 28, 2012 by Timiz0r
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Release Notes

This update brings the library up to server release R25, which includes the few additions from R21. There are also some minor bug fixes and a couple of other minor changes.

In addition, many methods now take advantage of the RconResult class, which will give error information on failed requests; this replaces the bool returned by many methods. There is also an implicit conversion from RconResult to bool (both of which were true on success), so old code shouldn't break.


  • Added Player.SendMessage and Player.SendYell methods.
  • Updated the PB regex for pbsvplist.
  • Added exception information to yell and message methods.
  • Added NotLoggedOnExceptions to yell and message methods.
  • Fixed the logic being yell duration so you can actually send a yell now.
  • Created the RconResult class.
  • Removed the implicit conversion from RconResult to string in order to mitigate possible confusion. The implicit boolean conversion is being kept to decrease the amount of code that may need to be written when I convert some code to return RconResult instead of bool.
  • BanCollection methods now return RconResult instead of a boolean value.
  • Converted MapCollection methods to use RconResult.
  • Converted RconClientBase methods to use RconResult.
  • Added special RconResults to be used when results aren't directly determined by a Packet.
  • Updated Player methods to use RconResult.
  • Fixed some code documentation typos.
  • Removed other developers from copyright notice since they haven't developed anything; no offense to them.
  • ServerInformation.Description now correctly accepts strings with a length of 255 or less, rather than 256.
  • Added RconResult.ToBoolean method, as recommended by FxCop.
  • Updated to R21.
    • Added PlayerChatEventArgs.Target property, which indicated to whom the message was sent to.
    • Added ServerInformation.Message property, which represents vars.serverMessage.
  • Updated to R25.
    • Added ReservedSlotCollection. Will be found as RconClient.ReservedSlots
    • BanCollection.Remove now throws an ArgumentNullException when the supplied Ban is null.
    • Added ServerInformation.PremiumStatus property.
    • Added new maps and game modes.

Reviews for this release

Very Cool work keep it on, but i have a question , does this library works for bfbc2? because the bfbc2 .net library you provided on fpsadmin doesn't work anymore can you give me the link to it?
by Voseesharp on Sep 2, 2013 at 3:38 PM